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Having a decade of experience UAE competitive pharmacy market arena, we divert our operations in to a further milestone of becoming a wholesale medicine & medical equipment distributor and stockist in the Middle East. With our experience we strive to be the primary choice of pharmacies’ medicine requirement.

We promise versatile sources to make sure the availability of Stock in the market by being well informed about the global developments and advancements in the health sector. We make sure the customer gets the medication from the manufacturer and origin the customer comfortable with.

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Ali Askar

Chief Executive Officer

Jamsheer kalathiparambil

Managing Director


General Manager
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Our mission is to be the inevitable leader in the global health sector by serving innovative and high quality health and pharmacy services by acknowledging the global health sector updates by various international manufacturers of medicines with all precautionary and safety measures in affordable and easy to access through the readily available chains of pharmacies in United Arab Emirates.

Empowering Healthcare Access and Excellence

Your Trusted Wholesale Medicine Partner in the Middle East

With over a decade of experience in the fiercely competitive pharmacy market in the UAE, we are embarking on an exciting new journey as a wholesale medicine and medical equipment distributor and stockist in the Middle East. Our mission is clear: to become the primary choice for pharmacies' medicine requirements.

Our promise is to provide a diverse range of sources to ensure the consistent availability of stock in the market. We are vigilant about staying informed about global developments and advancements in the health sector, allowing us to source medication directly from manufacturers and provide our customers with the utmost confidence in the origin of their products. Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities.

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